Price for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Vehicles have gone through a slight decrease in their retail price recently. This model has gone through an overall fall in its selling price.

KSh 4,514,811
Average price Last 6 months
Price for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The selling price for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado cars has fallen during the last 6 months we have analyzed. The average price in January was of KSh 5,146,465. This price hardly went through any changes and remained at KSh 5,379,045 during February. During the following two months (March, April) the average selling price rose somewhat going from KSh 5,262,755 to KSh 5,605,969.5. In the last two months, the price has gone through a strong devaluation of -51 % compared to the 4 previous average values going down from KSh 5,434,362 to KSh 2,675,708.5.

Price per fuel type

The graph showing the average price for the fuel type for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado cars points out to "Diesel" as being the cheapest fuel type. It is 6 % less expensive than the average market price (KSh 2,542,667) followed by "Petrol" priced at KSh 3,073,750. On average the most expensive type of fuel is "Petrol". It´s price is 21 % higher than the average market price followed by "Diesel" which costs KSh 2,394,444.

Charts data
Average price June
Number of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ads used
Num. of cars with fuel type mentioned
KSh 2,542,667
** Graph's data with null or zero value are due to there isn't enough data available to get a reliable value
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