Price for Toyota

Toyota Vehicles have had a price that has remained pretty much the same during the last months. The prices for this particular model have remained constant recently.

KSh 12,969,235.67
Average price Last 6 months
Price for Toyota

The selling prices for Toyota cars have remained constant in the last 6 months. In January the price for a car is KSh 12,677,802 increasing till KSh 13,398,184 in February. The average selling price has remained fairly constant during the following two months, going from KSh 13,037,993 to KSh 12,682,808. During the last couple of months, the average price has hardly changed, remaining the same going from KSh 12,860,400 to KSh 13,186,906 during May and June.

Price per registration year

The average price for Toyota has had a strong rise in recent years. Between "before 2000" and 2016, the average price is KSh 3,180,658.5. There was a significant inflation of the average price in "before 2000" (KSh 668,500) moving up till (KSh 6,803,792)in 2016. During the next two years (2017, 2018) the price for the aforementioned model has gone up strongly a 91 %. During the last two years, the car industry has had a strong deflation in its selling prices of -16 % compared to the average values for the previous 4 years. This has been obtained from analysing the prices for the the preceding four years in a previous sample (KSh 5,240,437.5) and the the last two years (2019, 2020) with a price of KSh 4,398,748.

Price per mileage

The graph that displays the price for Toyota cars according to their mileage shows that those cars within a mileage range of "more than 200,000" are the ones with the lowest price. They are 86 % more affordable than the average price (KSh 13,680,625). Next with a price of KSh 4,668,613 and a mileage range of "100,000 - 200,000" we would see the following vehicles. The mileage range for the most affordable cars is "less than 10,000". It is 14% less expensive than the average market value followed by those cars with a mileage of "50,000 - 100,000" priced at KSh 8,190,800.

Price per fuel type

The graph showing the average price for the fuel type for Toyota cars points out to "Hybrid" as being the cheapest fuel type. It is 89 % less expensive than the average market price (KSh 13,680,625) followed by "Diesel" priced at KSh 7,720,038. On average the cheapest type of fuel is "Petrol". It´s price is 36 % more affordable than the average market value followed by "Diesel" with a price of KSh 7,720,038.

Price per doors number

The graph showing the average price for Toyota cars displays those with 2 doors as the cheapest ones. They are 87 % more affordable than the average price (KSh 13,680,625). These are followed by those with 4 doors with an average price of KSh 2,796,171. Cars with the lowest average price have 5 !doors and are 52 % cheaper than the average followed by those with 3 doors with a selling price of KSh 3,733,247.

Charts data
Average price June
Number of Toyota ads used
Num. of cars with registration year mentioned
Num. of cars with mileage mentioned
Num. of cars with fuel type mentioned
Num. of cars with number of doors mentioned
KSh 13,680,625
** Graph's data with null or zero value are due to there isn't enough data available to get a reliable value
Other Toyota models
KSh 140,840
KSh 244,444
KSh 314,000
KSh 337,000
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KSh 1,361,263
KSh 1,372,687
KSh 1,410,975
KSh 1,448,641
KSh 1,571,275
KSh 1,574,273
KSh 1,621,312
KSh 1,712,700
KSh 1,753,900
KSh 1,789,088
KSh 2,305,556
KSh 2,332,650
KSh 2,474,112
KSh 2,497,679
KSh 2,519,600
KSh 2,734,444
KSh 2,908,189
KSh 3,100,113
KSh 3,149,454
KSh 3,434,985
KSh 3,537,172
KSh 3,825,888
KSh 3,869,388
KSh 4,156,948
KSh 4,380,636
KSh 4,461,645
KSh 7,537,425
KSh 13,262,500